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International students unable to return have the option to live and learn at partner institutions worldwide while taking Cornell classes remotely.  

On July 9, campus leaders, including President Martha Pollack, Provost Michael Kotlikoff, and Vice Provost of International Affairs Wendy Wolford, came together to talk to Cornell's international community...

“The Trump administration is sure to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court,” says Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration.

IOPGA director Steve Israel argues that the electoral college needs to be reformed to create a fair democracy.

Highlights: Democracy 20/20 Webinar (June 26, 2020) The Protests and U.S. Democracy Protests against police violence and racial inequality have spread across the United States, attracting...

Congressional Black Caucus members shared reflections on race and justice and potential legislative solutions.

We affirm that an international community is essential to educating the brightest and solving critical world problems.

IOPGA director Steve Israel writes on LGBTQ rights and the recent Supreme Court decision.