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Strategic Direction

Today’s complex world demands a commitment to global engagement. Global engagement requires the appreciation of intercultural differences, an understanding of inequalities, and a spirit of collaboration for mutual benefit.


A just, sustainable, and connected world where differences are valued and exchange is encouraged.


To build opportunities for students and faculty to discover, think, and act in concert with the world.


  1. Educate | Promote and support Cornell's mission to educate the next generation of global citizens through access to diverse international opportunities.
  2. Collaborate | Inspire and seed faculty, staff, and student research on global challenges for the benefit of all.
  3. Engage | Foster meaningful connections for collaborative teaching, learning, and shared discoveries across campus and worldwide.
  4. Lead | Position Cornell as a leading institution for global thinking and action—to do the greatest good … everywhere.


Nasa view of a distant city.

Migrations funds research that highlights connections between human movement, racism, and dispossession.


Flags from different countries with Japan in the front.

The Einaudi Center's international relations minor explores governments, languages, and cultures of the world.


Crowd with masks protesting Asian hate.

The Office of Global Learning unites Cornell's global learners with study abroad and immigration services.