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12:15 pm, Uris Hall, G08
Talk by Kalyani Ramnath (History, University of Georgia)
12:30 pm, Lincoln Hall, B20
A conversation with Assistant Professor of Music Joe Lerangis and Tamir Khargana, lead singer of Tuvergen Band.
4:45 pm, Myron Taylor Hall, 390 Moot Court
The Supreme Court of Japan (SCJ) has been described as the most conservative and passive constitutional court in the world. The small number of times the Japanese Supreme Court has struck down statutes as unconstitutional is an argument for such a…
5:30 pm, Uris Hall, G08
This talk, based on the 2022 book with the same title, explores how diverse phenomena, such as populism, anti-black racism, and islamophobia in various countries share the same core: nativism.
4:45 pm, 165 Mc Graw Hall
A discussion with three Puerto Rican community leaders from Caño Martín Peña CLT, Taller Salud and La Colmena Cimarrona who will be speaking about strategies of resistance, community solidarities and emancipatory processes to advance collective land…
5:00 pm, Uris Hall, G08
Cornell Welcomes Refugees and the Advocacy Project present
12:20 pm, Emerson Hall, 135
Perspectives in Global Development: Fall 2023 Seminar Series Abstract
5:30 pm, Cornell University, Rhodes Rawlings Auditorium, Klarman Hall
Bartels World Affairs Lecture Fantasy author N. K. Jemisin discusses how she learned to build unreal worlds by studying our own—and how we might in turn imagine a better future for our world, and reshape it to fit that dream.
12:00 pm, Uris Hall, G08
Does evoking historical parallels change public opinion regarding foreign policy?
12:20 pm, Rockefeller Hall, 374
Gatty Lecture Series Join us for a talk by Lisandro Claudio, (Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley), who will discuss imperialism and good governance in the Philippines.