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11:00 am

Dancing Women: Choreographing Corporeal Histories of Hindi Cinema demonstrates how the dancer-actress comes to be a central figure in articulating South Asian cultural modernities.

1:00 pm, G-01 Stimson Hall

For many Cubans, Fidel Castro’s Revolution represented deliverance from a legacy of inequality and national disappointment. For others—especially those exiled in the United States—Cuba’s turn to socialism made the prerevolutionary period look like paradise lost. Michael J.

4:45 pm

Aesthetics and Ethics of Return: Trauma, Militarism and Modernities in Southeast Asia

4:45 pm

Is the Einaudi Center's International Relations minor for you? Here's a chance to find out. Graduates go on to successful careers in fields like international law, economics, agriculture, trade, finance, journalism, education, and government service.

11:25 am

Chiara Ruffa discusses a new working paper, "Gender, Socialization, and Norms of Restraint: Findings from the US Military Academy at West Point." She is an Academy Fellow at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University and Associate Professor in War Studies, Swedis

12:15 pm, Kahin Center, 640 Stewart Ave

Part of the Ronald and Janette Gatty Lecture Series.

Sandy Chang, Department of History, University of Florida

6:00 pm, Uris Hall, G08

IXCANUL (“volcano” in the Kaqchikel language)

Time: 6-8 PM | Place: G08 Uris Hall

7:00 pm, Willard Straight Theatre

1934 > China > Directed by Wu Yonggang

With Ruan Lingyu, Tian Jian, Zhizhi Zhang

7:00 pm, Willard Straight Theatre

Ithaca Premiere

2021 > Germany/France > Directed by Christian Petzold

With Paula Beer, Franz Rogowski