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Follow-Up: Presidential Proclamation "Putting American Workers First"

Office of Global Learning

Dear colleagues, 

A few clarifications and a request:


The new executive order only applies to those outside the U.S. on June 24, who do not have a valid H1B visa stamp as of June 24. Those already in the U.S. with valid visas are not affected by this order. This order also does not impact the processing of H1B petitions for extensions or change of status from one status (e.g. J-1 or F-1) to H1B within the US.

In addition, it does not apply to any of the J-1 Exchange Visitor categories that Cornell is authorized to use: students, student-interns, short-term scholars, professors, and research scholars. J-1 interns are impacted by the order, but J-1 Interns and J-1 Student Interns are actually two different types of J-1. We are only authorized for J-1 student interns, who are not listed as an affected group in the order.


We are trying to understand just how many of our faculty and staff might be impacted by the order. At present, we are aware of only four but are quite certain that there may be more. If you have an H1B worker who is currently abroad and was expected to either begin or continue employment in the US between now and December 31, 2020, please email me their names, current country of residence, and expected date of arrival. (Note: for those already been in contact this morning, your cases have been recorded)

Laura Taylor, Senior Associate Director of International Services