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DHS Proposed Rule on Visa Duration and Extension

Office of Global Learning

Dear international students and scholars,

Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a proposed rule titled “Establishing a Fixed Time Period of Admission and an Extension of Stay Procedure for Nonimmigrant Academic Students, Exchange Visitors, and Representatives of Foreign Information Media.” This rule proposes time-specific (e.g. two- or four-year maximum) entry to the U.S. for F and J students and scholars, and new procedures for extensions of F or J status within the U.S.

In case you are unfamiliar with the process, an agency publishes a proposed rule to announce and explain their plan for new federal regulations. Proposed rules do NOT go into effect immediately. Proposed rules must be published in the Federal Register, and allow an opportunity for the public to submit comments. For this proposed rule students, universities, and other affected communities have time—and should—submit comments expressing the negative impact these rules would have should they go into effect.  Comments received by DHS on the proposed rule will be considered by the agency in determining if the rule should be terminated, changed, or proceed with the final rule.

This proposed modification to Duration of Status would be a significant one for international students and scholars. If such a rule were to go into effect, a negative impact on our international community is likely. Please know that we are working hard to analyze the proposed rule and will submit an official Cornell comment accordingly. We will continue to advocate on behalf of international students and scholars during this already difficult time.


Laura Taylor, Senior Associate Director, Office of Global Learning
Brandon Lanners, Executive Director, Office of Global Learning
Wendy Wolford, Vice Provost for International Affairs