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Coronavirus Update: Enhanced Policies for Students Abroad

Office of Global Learning

Dear students abroad,

The earlier message from university leadership covered a broad range of new policies and guidelines due to the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. This email is a follow-up for students who are currently abroad, and requires completion of this online survey.

To reiterate the earlier message, we are happy for you to remain abroad and to complete your study abroad/academic activities. We recognize, however, that some of you might be uncomfortable in your international location due to the unpredictability surrounding COVID-19 and related travel challenges. Where academically feasible, we are offering students the option of leaving their international programs and completing Cornell credits online at their permanent home residence. Physically returning to campus is an option that we can only offer to students in exceptional circumstances. We will work closely with host programs/institutions to explore options for distance learning and reimbursements, but Cornell will not charge you for tuition credits earned online for the semester. We will work with you to successfully finish your semester credits although the courses you can take online will not perfectly match the ones you expected to take abroad.

The decision to stay and complete your academic activities in-country or to return to your permanent residence to complete the semester remotely must be made by March 11. Please fill out this online survey to let us know of your decision.

If you ask to leave your program or study, we will follow up with you shortly to ask for more details on your coursework to date and your academic requirements going forward.

As always, our priority is the health and safety of the entire Cornell community, wherever they are. Please be in touch with any questions at


Wendy Wolford, Vice Provost for International Affairs
Brandon Lanners, Executive Director, Office of Global Learning