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Coronavirus Travel Updates and Resources

Office of Global Learning

Dear Cornell international students,

By now, you have heard about President Trump’s announcement banning travel for foreign nationals from Europe (defined as the Schengen Area) for 30 days, effective this Friday, March 13, 2020 at midnight, EST. This ban is similar to the ban that the U.S. imposed on foreign nationals who had been in or through China when the virus first broke in January.

This latest development will inevitably create uncertainties for some of you. But please know that we are working hard to understand the full implications of the announcement and to offer support. We are continuously monitoring the situation and will keep you informed as things change. Right now, there is no ban on flights to Europe. All Ithaca-based students can stay on campus until Spring Break and those with extenuating circumstances will be able to stay beyond. If you are an Ithaca-based student living on campus, it is critical that you complete the survey sent to you from Student and Campus Life (SCL) yesterday afternoon to let us know if you will be leaving your campus residence or if you are seeking a housing exception (deadline to complete that survey: 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 13). If you need to change your response to the survey, please email SCL directly at vpscl@cornell.eduIf you are a Cornell Tech student who lives on campus you may remain living in The House for the duration of your agreement.

Your safety and security are our priority. Please work with your college and department advisors to develop a plan to address your academic needs through distance learning options. The International Services advisors can assist with visa questions and other travel-related needs. You can also consider reaching out to your embassy to see if they have recommendations for travel to your home country.

Please take care of yourselves, check in with your loved ones and friends, and reach out to International Services at with any questions about returning to your home country, or reach out to vice provost Wolford at if you have any other questions.

All the very best,

Wendy Wolford, vice provost of international affairs
Brandon Lanners, executive director, Office of Global Learning
Laura Taylor, senior associate director, international services, office of global learning