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Virtual offerings to connect the Cornell community to the world while travel is limited.

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Korean Graduate Student Association
Mission The purpose of KGSA is to perform the following functions: (1) To enhance the relationships among Korean graduate students. (2) To promote relationships with other communities, both here at Cornell University and internationally. (3) To provide a means for Korean graduate students at Cornell University to obtain pertinent information related to career development and establish a social network to benefit them after graduation. (4) To serve as a liaison between the... READ MORE

Japan US Association
JUSA strives to: 1. Provide information regarding the Japanese culture and Japan - United States relations to the general populace 2. Promote interaction amongst Cornell students of all background through the promotion of the aforementioned topics 3. Offer support and resources for the Japanese, Japanese - American, and Japanese interest community at Cornell University ■

Ethiopian-Eritrean Student Association
The purpose of EESA is to nurture a sense of community amongst Ethiopian and Eritrean students at Cornell. We aim to represent the Ethiopian and Eritrean culture in a positive image and help define our presence on campus through social and cultural events. ■

Society for the Promotion of East Asian Liberty
The Society for the Promotion of East Asian Liberty strives to spread awareness and knowledge to the students of Cornell University about the human rights violations and democratic developments in East Asia and create a forum for the discussion of such violations and developements. ■

Arab Student Association
ASA is an apolitical, nonpartisan student group. As such, it will not be associated with or have any bias towards regional Arab political, religious, and ideological entities. The purpose of ASA is to create a forum for individuals interested in Arab language, culture or politics to meet. Those individuals will then have the opportunity to increase awareness of pertinent issues in the Arab world both on the Cornell campus and in the larger Ithaca community. ■

Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science at Cornell
SACNAS strives to promote diversity at Cornell by aiding the success of Chicano/Latino, Native American, and underrepresented students to pursue graduate education and obtain the advanced degrees. SACNAS's mission is to impact the student population through outcome-based programming and diversity initiatives that are necessary for advanced careers in science, research, and leadership positions in STEM. ■

Pan Asian Association | Cornell Tech
The mission of the Cornell Tech Pan Asia Association is to start making a meaningful impact beyond our generation. By creating a community of Cornell Tech students who are interested in collaboration, we intend to invest time and energy in refining their skills so that they may better know the culture and skills for Pan Asia business activities ■

Chinese Dragon Soccer Club
A non-competitive soccer club for Chinese students and scholars. • Organized weekly training and games on campus through social media • Connected with neighbor universities for friendly matches • Participated in Intramural and Annual Ivy Cup soccer tournament ■

LGBTQ+ Graduate Student Association
LGBTQ+ Graduate Student Association (QGrads)'s purpose is to bring together LGBTQ+ graduate students at Cornell. In particular, QGrads strives: (a) To build a strong queer community at Cornell by creating spaces for graduate students of all sexual orientations and gender identities to feel heard, seen, and supported. (b) To plan events and programming that promote the personal and professional development of LGBTQ+ graduate students. (c) To actively address the needs of all LGBTQ+... READ MORE

Haitian Students Association
The purpose of the Haitian Students Association is to promote cultural awareness and depict Haitian history and culture through activities within Cornell and the surrounding communities. ■

Indigenous Graduate Student Association
The mission of IGSA is to foster community building among Indigenous Graduate and Professional Students and our allies, to enhance personal, academic and professional growth and development in a fun, stable, peaceful family environment and to serve as a conduit for graduate and professional student issues and concerns ■

Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Cornell
Cornell Chinese Students and Scholars Association (Cornell CSSA) is a voluntary, non-profit organization whose members are students and scholars coming from China. The operating body of CSSA is the CSSA council, which consists of volunteers committed to serving members of CSSA and prompting the welfare of the Chinese community ■

La Asociación Latina
As of 1975, we the Latinx* Students at Cornell University have united with the intent to create a collective organization that will serve as a forum to address the social, cultural, political and educational concerns of the Latinx community at Cornell University. Its ideology shall arise from the particular circumstances of the Latinx people and shall be guided by the ideals of Latinx students on the Cornell University campus. *Latinx is being used in place of Latina/o to be inclusive of... READ MORE

JOHNSON - Johnson Japan Club
JJC strives to develop an open network to help deepen the understanding of the Japanese economy, business, culture, job market, language, and genuine cuisine. Members benefit by participating in presentations, cultural events, and job search sessions. Come along to explore with us. ■

Saudi Club
Saudi Club at Cornell (SCC) celebrates and promotes the Saudi Arabian culture, history, and tradition throughout the Cornell and Ithaca community by organizing and hosting relevant events and activities. CSC also gathers and represents all current and alumni Cornell Saudi students and addresses their needs and concerns. ■

Society for Asian American Graduate Affairs
The organization aims to be a community for graduate and professional students that either self-identify as Asian/Asian American or are interested in topics relating to the Asian/Asian American experience. We provide members the opportunity to socialize with others, share academic and professional advice, and discuss issues of race, ethnicity, politics, and culture as they pertain to Asians/Asian Americans. Our activities include invited lectures, discussions, film screenings, and... READ MORE

Vietnamese Association, Cornell
The Cornell Vietnamese Association is an organization that promotes awareness, appreciation, and education of Vietnamese culture, heritage, and traditions within the organization as well as throughout the Cornell and Ithaca communities. ■

Portuguese Language Society at Cornell
Portuguese Language Society is an Independent Organization at Cornell University. Its purpose is to host events such as, screenings of films in the Portuguese language, talks by experts on topics or issues relevant to Portuguese speakers, and informal gatherings where members can practice their use of the language with other learners. The offerings of our organization may encompass more than what we have outlined here and can change based on the interests of our membership. ■