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Virtual offerings to connect the Cornell community to the world while travel is limited.

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Chinese Literature Society, Cornell
As the first and only literary society on campus focusing on Chinese language, we strive to promote Chinese literary culture at the Cornell campus through regular events and the Chinese-language literary magazine Trance (“出神” in Chinese). Our society aims to provide a friendly and respectful intellectual environment for interested campus members to produce and discuss Chinese language literature, diversifying and energizing the multilingual literary community at Cornell ■

Two hands in a handshake eCornell: Creating and Enforcing International Agreements
Four-week class
As the world changes and more issues must be handled at the international level, there will need to be more agreements and more international systems to address specific problems. Agreements, especially those that involve consensus, are difficult to achieve even in the best of circumstances. Fortunately, there is a lot we have learned from history and thorough research about effectively negotiating an agreement. ■

Two laptops with papers between and hands holding a pencil eCornell: Distribution Strategy and International Marketing
Two-week class
In this course, participants investigate marketing channels and learn how to leverage them to provide value to a company and benefits to customers. Additionally, students explore the world of international marketing and discover the nuances of global markets. By identifying types of global organizations students can explore the pros and cons of globalization. ■

Man weeding in a city garden with wheelbarrow to his side. eCornell: International Public and NGO Management
Four-week class
Planning and evaluating programs and projects run by international organizations is particularly complex since the organizations typically must work indirectly with and through sovereign governments and other organizations. The increasing importance of these programs for national officials as well as international managers has increased the need to have staff well trained in results-based management, including evaluation, under these conditions. ■

arm and leg showing of a person sitting on ground with laptop and trees in distance ILRIC 2350 Work, Labor, and Capital in the Global Economy
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Provides an introduction to how globalization is changing the nature of work, labor, and capital. It examines both contemporary and historical debates about globalization, but also covers a number of interrelated issues, including the regulation of labor standards, the mobility of capital, the rise of global production systems, international labor, and responses to globalization. ■

"Crafting Nation-ness: Venezuelan Diaspora, Contemporary Art, and the Politics of the DIY," by Irina R. Troconis, LASP Seminar Series
Monday, November 2, 2020
In this talk, I develop a critical approach to the concept of “nation-ness” through an analysis of the work of two contemporary performance artists from the Venezuelan diaspora: Deborah Castillo (Caracas, 1971) and Violette Bule (Valencia, 1980). Forced to leave Venezuela because of political repression, fear of violence, economic hardship, and lack of institutional support for their work, the two artists moved to New York, where they developed installations and performances that put the... READ MORE

How to Do International Research in the Time of Coronavirus
Einaudi International Studies Passport Webinar (May 28, 2020) For graduate students engaged in international research Einaudi Center faculty in a range of disciplines talk with Jan Allen, associate dean for academic and student affairs in the Graduate School. The panelists discuss how to think about and plan your dissertation research, diverse methodologies and innovative approaches, and strategies for making progress in your international research in a time of travel... READ MORE

American flag Democracy 20/20 Series
Democracy 20/20 brings together historical and comparative experts to promote deeper understanding of the challenges these unsettling times pose for American democracy. Beginning in June 2020, the series continues through the 2020 election. The stakes for American democracy have never been higher. Read more about Democracy 20/20. Videos include: Already Authoritarian? Violence, Policing, and Democracy (August 27) Global Approaches to Race, Ethnicity,... READ MORE

People sitting at along table filling out paperwork. Community College Internationalization Fellowship
February 2021
Professional Development for Community College Faculty Faculty of any discipline at two-year institutions can prepare students to become global-minded citizens, collaborating with the Einaudi Center's area studies programs and the South Asia Center at Syracuse University. We seek projects that engage with Latin America, South Asia, or Southeast Asia. Projects may include a new course, a new unit for an existing course, or a service-learning component to an... READ MORE

Chinese Bible Study
Chinese Bible Study (CBS) is a student-run Christian fellowship who seeks to know Christ and make Him known. We are a tight-knit community committed to encourage and help each other grow as brothers and sisters in Christ! ■

Five smiling students standing infront of a waterfall English for International Students and Scholars: Summer
Enhance your English skills and explore U.S. culture The Summer Session EISS program provides intensive English instruction and cultural orientation for those interested in working and studying in an academic environment in the U.S. or in using English professionally. The program features project-based learning with a focus on the students’ academic interests and professional topics through Online task-based activities and individual assignments Small-... READ MORE

Beauty Regimens: Disciplining Filipina Labor Under U.S. Empire 
Thursday, October 29, 2020
Part of the Ronald and Janette Gatty series Genevieve Clutario, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of American Studies, Department of American Studies, Wellesley College This talk investigates the formation of a transpacific industry of Philippine embroidery during the early twentieth century and focuses on four locations of modern imperial beauty regime: the American department store; home workshops in the Philippines; colonial industrial schools; and Bilibid Prison.  During the 1910s,... READ MORE

Brazilians Modernisms Society
The mission of this group is to read contemporary texts that engage with current issues on Brazilian culture, literature, and society; bridging disciplines such as literature, anthropology, urban studies, architecture, law, and visual studies. From the auto-ethnography of the Yanomami shaman Davi Kopenawa, to the wave of protests of 2013, to literary works from the peripheries of São Paulo and the favelas of Rio and the environmental issues on the Amazon rainforest. Our group’s idea is to... READ MORE

"South of the Future: Marketing Care and Speculating Life in South Asia and the Americas," by Anindita Banerjee & Debra Castillo, LASP Seminar Series
Monday, November 9, 2020
South Asia and Latin America represent two epicenters of migrant care work and the globalized reproductive market. Yet scholars and the media continue to examine them in geographical and conceptual isolation. South of the Future closes both these gaps. It investigates nannying, elder care, domestic work, and other forms of migrant labor in the Americas together with the emerging “Wild West” of biotechnology and surrogacy in the Indian subcontinent. The volume is profoundly interdisciplinary and... READ MORE

Fifth Annual Global Strategy and Emerging Markets Conference (GSEM) Theme: Competing in the Digital World
Sunday, November 8, 2020
Cornell University Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) and partners — Northeastern University Center for Emerging Markets (CEM), The Simon Fraser University Jack Austin Centre For Asia Pacific Business Studies, and The University of Texas at Dallas Center for Global Business (CGB) — are pleased to announce the fifth annual Global Strategy and Emerging Markets (GSEM) Conference. The theme of GSEM 2020 is “Competing in the Digital World.” Digital technologies—including internet of things, 5G, cloud... READ MORE

Colorful passport stamps International Studies Passport Series
The Einaudi Center's International Studies Passport summer webinar series brings global education and a global perspective to a summer with limited travel and in-person collaboration. Running from May to August 2020, topics include: Immigrants, Health, and the Coronavirus Crisis (August 13) Global Approaches to Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality (July 24) Pandemic: What International Studies Tell Us (June 25) Faculty Conversation: Research in the Time of... READ MORE

Chinese Entrepreneur Association at Cornell
The Chinese Entrepreneur Association at Cornell aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among our members, to assist in the personal growth and career development related to entrepreneurship among our members individually and collectively, to connect and help to connect our members internally at Cornell and externally with entrepreneurs, investors, alumni and any person related to the our purpose.  ■

European Cultural Society
The organization shall create a community for all European students and those who are interested in Europe to network and bond. The purpose of this organization will be to promote and diffuse European culture throughout Cornell University by organizing cultural, educational, and social events. These activities include but are not limited to meetings, social gatherings, networking sessions, and guest speakers. ■

Students and faculty posing with students wearing graduation regalia Asian American Studies Program
The Asian American Studies Program is a cross-college, university-wide program that draws from the extensive teaching and research interests of the Program's faculty and reflects the breadth of the vibrant field of Asian American Studies. In the classroom, in scholarship, and through campus and community advocacy, the Program is committed to examining the histories and experiences; identities, social and community formations; politics; and contemporary concerns of people of Asian ancestry... READ MORE