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Virtual offerings to connect the Cornell community to the world while travel is limited.

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Ascend Cornell Student Chapter
Ascend is the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America. Established in 2005, Ascend has grown to serve professionals and corporations across various professions and across multiple industries ■

Brazilian Student Association at Cornell University
The Brazilian Student Association at Cornell University is a group established to encourage the internationalization of Brazil by establishing collaborative relationships between Cornell University and Brazilian institutions, fostering and assisting the exchange of students and creating a network to promote opportunities for students and partners. ■

American flag Democracy 20/20 Series
Democracy 20/20 brings together historical and comparative experts to promote deeper understanding of the challenges these unsettling times pose for American democracy. Beginning in June 2020, the series continues through the 2020 election. The stakes for American democracy have never been higher. Read more about Democracy 20/20. Videos include: Already Authoritarian? Violence, Policing, and Democracy (August 27) Global Approaches to Race, Ethnicity,... READ MORE

Explosion with the words Beirut Under Fire: Political and Personal Perspectives on the bottom and Global Cornell on top Beirut Under Fire: Political and Personal Perspectives
Six days after the incident, the government resigned and protests continue. In this webinar, Cornell faculty and students talk about the political, economic, cultural, and personal dimensions of the events in Lebanon—and the implications for the future of the state and civil society. Moderator: Ross Brann, Milton R. Konvitz Professor of Judeo-Islamic Studies and Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow Panelists: Rima Majed,... READ MORE

Five smiling students standing infront of a waterfall English for International Students and Scholars: Summer
Enhance your English skills and explore U.S. culture The Summer Session EISS program provides intensive English instruction and cultural orientation for those interested in working and studying in an academic environment in the U.S. or in using English professionally. The program features project-based learning with a focus on the students’ academic interests and professional topics through Online task-based activities and individual assignments Small-... READ MORE

Smoke bomb being set off near a wall with graffiti Democracy 20/20: Already Authoritarian? Violence, Policing, and Democracy (video)
Federal authorities have responded to this summer’s protests with force, spraying tear gas on crowds and empowering unidentified law enforcement personnel, some of whom have used unmarked vans to pick up protesters at random. The protests, while spurred by recent killings of African Americans by police, have highlighted long-established patterns of intensive and often violent policing of communities of color.   This webinar will examine these developments in the... READ MORE

Alicia Schrikker: Farmers, Traders, Slaves, and Princes: Retrieving Lives of 18th-Century Inhabitants in and around Colombo, Sri Lanka
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
In this talk I will present the ongoing research project "Colonialism inside out" a Sri Lankan-Dutch research project, which has been running since 2017. The project aims at historical life writing, by combing macro-data from 18th century parish and census registers with qualitative data from legal courts, notary offices and church councils. The project brings in view the local farmers, Muslim and chettiyar merchants and Indian ocean exiles and slaves who inhabited Colombo and its... READ MORE

Info Session: Einaudi Center Regional and Thematic Minors
Monday, April 5, 2021
Take your learning to the next level with regional and thematic minors from the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies and our programs. Whatever your major and career goals, our wide geographical reach and interdisciplinary focus provide opportunities for you to expand your global knowledge and broaden your approach to your studies and the world. Find out if an Einaudi Center minor is right for you and how to apply. Contact:; https://einaudi.cornell.... READ MORE

Society for India
Society for India is Cornell University's South Asian group on-campus and strives to promote South Asian culture and awareness through various events. Our goal is to foster cross-cultural interaction transcending all geographical boundaries as well as providing a strong support system that thrives to provide personal and professional assistance to all Cornell students. ■

Student wearing a Cornell sweatshirt while studying Language Resource Center: Students
The LRC offers many opportunities to further your language skills. Learning-centered resources include our course offerings through the Shared Course Initiative, Languages Across the Curriculum, and Jumpstart. We also host weekly conversation hours in a variety of languages, provide access to a variety of resources to support your language learning, and have a comfortable space for you to practice your language with friends or just hang out.  ■

How to Do International Research in the Time of Coronavirus
Einaudi International Studies Passport Webinar (May 28, 2020) For graduate students engaged in international research Einaudi Center faculty in a range of disciplines talk with Jan Allen, associate dean for academic and student affairs in the Graduate School. The panelists discuss how to think about and plan your dissertation research, diverse methodologies and innovative approaches, and strategies for making progress in your international research in a time of travel... READ MORE

Opening slide with polar bears below the Migrations logo Migrations: A Global, Interdisciplinary, Multi-Species Examination
A new public seminar series for any person, any subject, anywhere. Our world is increasingly in motion. The unprecedented pace, scale, and complexity of movement on our planet—of humans, plants, animals, cultural messages and artifacts, resources, pathogens, and more—present a diverse suite of challenges and opportunities that play out across local, regional, national, and international scales. In this interdisciplinary series of webinars, we will approach migrations as... READ MORE

East African Students Together
EAST was created with the purpose of bringing together undergraduate and graduate students who identify as East African to celebrate one another's cultures and increase our presence within Cornell campus. We, as an organization, do not define what is classified as “East African”. Thus, this term is open to interpretation by the students themselves. We hope that by creating an organization such as this, we will be able to achieve the organization goals below. Our Motto is Umoja ni nguvu.... READ MORE

Society for Asian American Graduate Affairs
The organization aims to be a community for graduate and professional students that either self-identify as Asian/Asian American or are interested in topics relating to the Asian/Asian American experience. We provide members the opportunity to socialize with others, share academic and professional advice, and discuss issues of race, ethnicity, politics, and culture as they pertain to Asians/Asian Americans. Our activities include invited lectures, discussions, film screenings, and... READ MORE

Society for the Promotion of East Asian Liberty
The Society for the Promotion of East Asian Liberty strives to spread awareness and knowledge to the students of Cornell University about the human rights violations and democratic developments in East Asia and create a forum for the discussion of such violations and developements. ■

Zambia Community Education Initiative
The Zambia Community Education Initiative (ZCEI) is a student organization at Cornell University that aims to develop sustainable secondary education in Zambia by working with local communities to make education accessible to all. The ZCEI is currently working with the Chisekesi community in Southern Providence to fund the building of a secondary school. The inhabitants of rural Chisekesi have no high school, despite the presence of eight basic schools. The nearest high school is over 20km... READ MORE

“The Politics of Vision: Film, Race and Borderscapes” by Junyoung Verónica Kim, University of Pittsburg
Monday, March 15, 2021
Co-sponsor: East Asia Program This talk explores ways in which notions of visuality are interconnected with epistemological frameworks of race/ethnicity/nationality and space/territoriality/borders by analyzing Juan Martín Hsu’s film La Salada (2014). By taking as its focus the borderscape of La Salada – the large informal market located in the south of Buenos Aires – that arose from the harsh neoliberal restructurings during the 1990s and the growing waves of migration to the Argentine capital... READ MORE

Days of Being Wild
Thursday, March 11, 2021
1991 > Hong Kong > Directed by Wong Kar Wai With Leslie Cheung Kwok-wing, Maggie Cheung Wong Kar Wai's second feature is a typically rapturous and melancholy erotic tale about a man and two women drifting through Hong Kong in 1960. In Cantonese, Shanghainese, Tagalog & Mandarin. Subtitled. Cosponsored with the East Asia Program. 1 hr 34 min We will start taking reservations one week in advance of a film's first play date. Reservations can be made here: https://cinema.cornell... READ MORE