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Pre-Departure Orientation

Visit Pandemic Travel Policy, Guidelines, and Recommendations for current Cornell travel information. Visit Cornell's COVID-19 Response for campus-wide information.

The Best Prevention is Preparation

Students: Cornell offers a short, online, free course, International Travel Pre-Departure Orientation, designed for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who are planning to travel internationally for academic business.

This course provides baseline information and preparation to help travelers responsibly manage their own health, safety, and security while abroad. 

The information provided consists of three modules: Logistics, Staying Healthy, and Safety Abroad. Each module is followed by a short quiz and upon completion, travelers will receive a confirmation email to show their program administrators if requested. Completion of this course may be required prior to final approval and/or funding for travel abroad.  Please check with your travel/program administrators. 

The course is housed within the new learning management system, Canvas and can be accessed here: 

Note: By default, all faculty, students, and staff who have previously used Blackboard have a university Canvas account to access the course. Those Cornell community members without an account can request one by visiting  For non-Cornell users, an account can be requested by visiting

Off-campus Activity Leaders (OCAL): It is important to Cornell that OCALs are consistently provided the preparation necessary to anticipate and respond responsibly to student health, safety, or security concerns.  This preparation includes equipping our colleagues for the challenges of working with students in distress, explaining their responsibilities under Federal law as it pertains to Title IX and Clery Act reporting, and sharing the variety of resources and support available to them.

The Office for the Vice Provost of International Affairs in partnership with stakeholders around campus, developed the material found in this orientation to deliver the basic preparation on responsibilities and resources all OCALs should have. This information consists of four subtopics: Logistics, Conduct, Working with Students in Distress, and Incident Management.  The total time investment in this step is approximately 45 minutes. Units may require completion of this orientation prior to granting approval to lead students abroad and/or funding or supporting travel, a program, or participants. Please check with your unit's administration.

The orientation is housed within the new learning management system, Canvas and can be accessed here:

Due to constantly changing university, state, and federal guidelines and laws, this content should be reviewed each academic year in which an OCAL is taking students abroad.