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24/7 Travel Assistance

Visit International Travel Guidelines, Policy, and Recommendations for current Cornell travel information. Visit Cornell's Coronavirus Resources and Updates for campus-wide information.

Cornell partners with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security services company.

Rest assured that when you travel internationally on Cornell business, you have a 24/7 resource on call, online and via the mobile app to help with any medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise. If you need a medical referral, seek pre-travel advice, or experience a medical or security crisis, Cornell University has a fully integrated program in place, through which you receive the care and expertise that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Visit Cornell's International SOS online portal to find destination information, learn more about health threats, download your membership card, install the mobile app, and understand all this partnership has to offer.

Before you leave, call International SOS to prepare for:

  • Travel security concerns: "Can you tell me which neighborhoods I should avoid when booking a hotel?"
  • Vaccinations: "Are there any required or recommended vaccinations for my destination?"
  • Entry requirements: "Am I able to acquire a visa on arrival, or will I need to get that in advance?"

While abroad, call International SOS when you:

  • Need a local doctor or emotional support: "I haven't been feeling well, can you refer me to an English-speaking doctor?"
  • Need advice: "There is a large protest gathering outside my hotel.  Can you tell me what is going on?"
  • Need document assistance or legal advice: "My passport was stolen. Is it safe to go to the local police?"

In an emergency, call International SOS immediately to:

  • Reach Cornell: "One of my travel partners didn't return home last night. Would you alert the right people at Cornell?"
  • Provide help if your safety is at risk: "The flood water is getting pretty high. What should I do?"
  • Monitor your condition: "I'm at the hospital but I am not sure what they are saying. Would you speak to them?"
Services provided by International SOS do NOT include standard health insurance, but insured care for urgent and emergent medical issues and security evacuation is included. Please refer here for more information on what insurance is provided at no cost to eligible travelers.