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Study Away

Due to ongoing travel restrictions and visa processing delays, some international students could not return to campus in fall 2020, and a number will continue to face travel difficulties for the spring 2021 semester. Cornell University has worked with academic partners at locations worldwide to support these students by creating onsite, in-residence Study Away options for eligible students.

The Study Away application period closed on November 29.

These international students will live and study at or near a local campus in their country or region while remotely taking Cornell classes and at least one class with the partner. Students will share co-curricular activities with Cornell peers and have access to local facilities and services, providing a local Cornell community away from Ithaca.

We hope you will be on campus for the spring 2021 semester. If you can get to Ithaca, we expect you to come; if you cannot make it, we are offering Study Away again in select locations. Please note that Study Away is an optional program administered by the Office of Global Learning for international students who are unable return to campus for the upcoming semester.

Each Study Away location is uniquely different in scope and design, including student enrollment capacity, eligibility, course and co-curricular offerings, housing, and structure. Please be aware that the unpredictability of the virus may impact plans in unforeseen ways. Study Away is contingent on the local university providing in-person or virtual instruction, safe travel in from surrounding areas, and that space is available in partner courses and housing. Interested international students should prepare to be flexible and adaptable to the likelihood of changing circumstances in advance of participation and while onsite. We strongly encourage students to read through all of the information about the program on this site and on Experience Cornell for your specific location(s) of interest.

Our goal is to meet the needs of as many students as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that Study Away will be available at every site listed below or accommodate all students who may be interested. Students currently participating in Study Away who are interested in the spring option must submit a new application. If you receive a location approval and are offered a space, you will need to commit quickly so we, along with our global partners, can plan for the number of students at each location. Please view the timeline below for further information.


To be eligible for Study Away, you must:

  • be a Cornell international undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies degree-seeking student in good academic standing as defined by your college or program.
  • meet citizenship and permanent residency requirements according to host site criteria.
  • already be physically in the country or eligible region for the site where you wish to study and be able to arrive at that city/province at least 14 days to the partner's spring start date for quarantine purposes.
  • meet the individual eligibility requirements of your preferred location(s); see below for a current snapshot of eligibility for each site.
  • be enrolled in a minimum of 12 Cornell credits for the spring semester and enroll in at least one host-offered course.
  • be willing and able to live in program housing

Graduate and professional studies students:

Graduate and professional students interested in Study Away should be in touch with their program's faculty or staff contacts to determine if the program is allowable and a good match. Note that applied or lab components for some programs may make remote learning options impractical.

If you plan to receive support in the form of a TA/GA/RA/GRA assistantship or as a graduate teaching/research specialist, please consult the Graduate School about funding eligibility and options. If your assistantship appointment involves sponsored research, there may be limitations on performing duties outside the U.S. or may require advance approval from the sponsoring agency. Please contact your graduate field to determine if there are any restrictions.

OGL, the Graduate School, and the respective graduate department will determine acceptance to Study Away for PhD and research master's students. For professional studies students, the selection process will include a review by OGL and your college/school professional studies program office.

Note: Some sites are not open to graduate or professional studies students. Be sure you have reviewed the eligibility carefully before you apply.

Read Study Away FAQ on eligibility.


Location Matrix

Locations Academic Level Eligible Groups
Accra: CIEE/University of Ghana Undergraduate Citizens and permanent residents of Ghana; as well as Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo
Beijing: China Agricultural University Graduate and professional Citizens of China
Beijing: Peking University Undergraduate, freshman and current participants only Citizens of China
Beijing: Tsinghua University Undergraduate and 
Citizens of China
Haining: Zhejiang University International Campus Undergraduate, freshman only Citizens of China; residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
Hangzhou: Westlake University Graduate and professional Citizens of China
Hanoi: VinUniversity Undergraduate
Graduate and professional
Citizens and permanent residents of Vietnam
Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Undergraduate Permanent residents of Hong Kong
Shanghai: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Undergraduate Citizens and permanent residents of China; residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan

Note: All graduate and professional students must check with their respective graduate department or professional studies programs for approval to participate; ultimate approval authority rests with the college/program or the Graduate School.

Note: Cornell's ability to offer a Study Away option for the spring 2021 semester at any site is subject to change or cancellation due to local public health conditions, governmental restrictions, and other factors. All open locations will operate with social distancing arrangements and other public health measures that will likely limit opportunities for large in-person gatherings and events.

To learn more about each Study Away location and to apply, click on the links in the table above. To view a list of all location opportunities at once, click Cornell Study Away on Experience Cornell.

Read Study Away FAQ on locations.


All students should plan to participate in Cornell spring pre-enrollment as usual. If you are approved to Study Away, you will receive additional instructions regarding host course enrollment.

Students participating in a Study Away opportunity are required to enroll in a minimum of 12 Cornell credits. Students must register for at least one additional course from the local program or university. Some sites may permit enrollment in up to two classes. Students are not allowed to enroll in additional onsite courses and should carefully consider whether auditing courses is in their best interest, personally and academically.

The availability of local coursework varies by location. See the above links for site-specific details. Students should enroll in a letter-graded course and will receive credit for host coursework where the equivalent of a letter grade of C or above is received. The Study Away program, class title, and grade will appear on the Cornell transcript; however, host coursework will not factor into a student's cumulative GPA. Cornell class grades will factor into the cumulative GPA.

Only your college, school, or department can determine how host-enrolled class credit will return toward your Cornell degree. In most cases, these credits will return as elective credit toward overall degree requirements credits. In some cases, a college or department review could approve credit as distribution, major, minor, or concentration credit, but this is not guaranteed. Students should prepare to be flexible around how host credits are applied to individual Cornell graduation requirements.

Read Study Away FAQ on courses.


Program housing is guaranteed and required at all sites unless otherwise noted. Independently organized housing is not permitted without explicit prior approval from OGL; an indication of approval from the host institution is not sufficient. A desire to live with nearby family or personal preferences are not acceptable reasons to live outside program housing. Being part of a living and learning environment is a core part of Study Away; students who are not prepared to live in program housing should not apply. You will receive additional housing information upon selection.

Read Study Away FAQ on housing.


Study Away students pay regular Cornell tuition and local housing, food, and other required fees based on location requirements. An estimate of program fees is included in the detailed description of each location on Experience Cornell. A program budget will be finalized for each student upon acceptance and commitment and shared with them as well as the Financial Aid Office. At this time, aid packages for eligible students will be revised to accommodate the new attendance cost based on location.

Financial aid packages are adjusted based on the estimated costs of attending the program. University-funded student employment opportunities are not permitted outside the U.S.

Read Study Away FAQ on cost.


Timeline for Study Away application and registration

Date Process
November 17–29 (11:59 p.m. ET) Study Away application period
November 30–December 12 Estimated application review and rolling student notifications of decision
December 13–21 Estimated period to commit in application portal
  • Complete host-side registration and housing application
  • Register for onsite course(s)
  • Study Away location arrival and housing check-in

* Deadlines vary by acceptance date and partner and will be communicated to committed students.

How to Apply

You can apply through the Experience Cornell site. To access the application to your preferred location, click on the corresponding program link above. Please submit only one application; OGL will automatically withdraw additional applications.

Before starting your application, you may preview the form by clicking on the "Preview Application" button next to the "Apply" button. All applications contain the same questions, and all information related to the locations are within the Experience listing. There is no additional information within the application.

In your application, you will have the option of indicating a back-up Study Away location. If you select the same site for your first and second choice, you will be considered for a single location, lessening our ability to place you successfully.


Selection is based on multiple factors, both in and outside of Cornell's control and is not guaranteed. These include Cornell and location eligibility and site capacity. Fall 2020 Study Away participants applying to continue at their current site will be prioritized. If selected to participate, students must commit for the entire semester, including in-residence living, host course enrollment, and all other engagement and co-curricular expectations of the site.

The application and commitment periods are narrow by necessity. As such, students should be prepared to commit by stated deadlines and not anticipate extensions unless communicated otherwise. 

We cannot provide individual student application status updates during the selection process. Once decided, you will hear from us. We may consider you for other options if your first choice and back-up selections are both unavailable. Admission decisions are final, and you will have the ability to accept or decline an offer. 

We will reach out if we have any questions about your application. Supplemental materials (letters of reference, essays, etc.) are not accepted and have no impact on selection decisions. 

Contact Us

Each Study Away opportunity has a dedicated Education Abroad advisor who is part of the OGL team. The advisor's name and email are listed in the Experience Cornell opportunity for each location. For more information about Study Away, please email the advisor for your program of interest.

Connect with Study Away FAQ to learn more about the program.