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Book Celebrates Cornell's Global Past and Future

Book cover

A new book from Cornell Academics and Professors Emeriti (CAPE) and Cornell University Press celebrates Cornell’s history of international engagement and campus diversity—from the university’s founding to today.

Beyond Borders: Exploring the History of Cornell's Global Dimensions features chapters on several of Global Cornell’s internationally engaged units and programs and an afterword previewing Cornell’s connected future by Vice Provost for International Affairs Wendy Wolford.

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Cornell’s Global Future

Wendy Wolford sitting ona apel with three other speakers.
Wendy Wolford (left) at the April 2024 Asia-Pacific Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korea.

"If we want our students to be leaders, our science to be at the leading edge, and our teaching and research to be relevant, we must continue to plan and work in collaboration with partners around the world."

~ Wendy Wolford (afterword)

Bartels World Affairs Fellows | Einaudi Center

A student is holding a microphone at a lecture and asking a question in front of a full house.
Student speaks with March 2023 Bartels fellow Carlos Alvarado Quesada, former president of Costa Rica.

"Peeking out of the green room door, I could not see an empty seat left in the Statler Auditorium. Colleagues guarded the doors, photographers were ready, the lights were dimmed, and participants talked in high anticipation."

~ Heike Michelsen (chapter 12)

Global Cornell from the Beginning | Southeast Asia Program

Students in Cambodia standing in front of at a conservation facility.
Cornell Winter Program in Cambodia 2023 students and faculty.

"The role of SEAP was to build an interdisciplinary space—both literally and figuratively—in which students and faculty could learn from one another."

~ Thomas Pepinsky (chapter 4)

Center of the Periphery | South Asia Program

Event speakers outside the law school.
Speakers at SAP’s fall 2023 conference, Next Generation’s Initiative: Learning from the Past to Build the Future of Afghanistan.

"This multidisciplinary expertise and tradition of collaboration across disciplines allows Cornell’s SAP faculty to tackle the most complex problems related to the South Asian region."

~ Daniel Bass, Iftikhar Dadi, and Bonnie G. MacDougall (chapter 5)

Sending Students Overseas | Education Abroad

People in front of Kings College London
Global health was the focus of a spring 2024 faculty-led program with Global Hubs partner Kings College London.

"The Cornell Abroad office put study abroad on the map for all Cornell students and provided a seamless connection with the university and college registrar, bursar, and financial aid office."

~ Kristen A. Grace and Davydd J. Greenwood (chapter 49)

Supporting the Global Community | International Services

Students sitting around a table during the Prepare orientation event.
Students get acquainted at the Prepare preorientation for first-year and transfer students.

"In 1933, Cornell became the first U.S. higher education institution to dedicate a staff member to work with international students…. At the time, Cornell had approximately 175 international students enrolled."

~ Jerry Wilcox (chapter 50)

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