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Support for Times of Crisis

Cornell is a global community. Natural disasters, political conflicts, and violence happening around the world can profoundly affect our campus community. We care deeply about your well-being. Cornell offers support services to help students, faculty, and staff cope with turbulent times.

Cornell Photo: Ukrainian students Olga Zimina, Olena Zavodna,and Ivan Kosyuk, pose for a portrait in the lobby of the Johnson Art Museum on February 25, 2022
Ukrainian students Olga Zimina, Olena Zavodna, and Ivan Kosyuk on February 25, 2022, days after Russian forces invaded Ukraine. photo / Ryan Young (Cornell)

For Students

Ithaca Campus

Language Translation Assistance

Students who find it easier to talk about personal health concerns in their native language can use our telephone-based language translation service, which offers more than 200 languages. If you are interested in using the service, please call 607-255-5155 to schedule your appointment and request the service when you speak with a scheduling attendant.

  • Group counseling is available on many topics, including groups specifically for international students and some graduate student–only groups. Check to see what’s available this semester.
  • For students enrolled in the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Life team is available to help you navigate personal concerns and challenging life situations. Check out self-care tips for graduate and professional students.
  • Student Disability Services (SDS) is a resource for when life situations impair your ability to function optimally (e.g., thinking, learning, breathing, sleeping, eating, or meeting basic needs). Reach out to SDS to explore temporary academic accommodations to assist in navigating the current moment by completing the SDS disclosure form.
  • Our campus ministers and spiritual advisors at the Office of Spirituality and Meaning Making are available to listen as you process the emotions and questions a crisis can raise. Call (607) 255-6002 or email
  • Student Support and Advocacy Services can be a starting point if you are unsure what resource you need or have a specific concern.

Cornell Tech Campus

Cornell Tech students can connect with resources at Medical and Mental Health Resources or by reaching out to the Student Wellness team

For Faculty and Staff

Discussing Difficult Topics

Cornell offers resources for talking respectfully across differences. Visit Cornell's Center for Teaching Innovation for advice for faculty on responding to incidents that affect the teaching and learning climate.

Leading Others During Difficult Times

Cornell Human Resources recognizes that supervisors are responsible for supporting staff during times of crisis, even as they are experiencing their own feelings. FSAP identifies reactions that can accompany traumatic events and ways to help team members under stress.