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Cornell Global Hubs are your point of entry to a world of high-impact opportunities. Based in strategic locations worldwide, Global Hubs bring together faculty, students, alumni, and local communities—to collaborate, learn, and discover.

Where will Hubs take you?

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Hub Locations 

Sarah Besky in India

Broadening the inclusiveness and internationalism of our community here—and cultivating research and learning that emerges from these exchanges—is one of the most exciting potentials of Cornell Global Hubs.

— Sarah Besky
Associate Professor, ILR
Faculty Lead
Roman Dias Pinto

My reason for studying abroad was to experience a different culture and to gain a life skill from it. By going to Hong Kong, I was able to pursue Mandarin classes and also experience a very different culture.

— Roman Dias Pinto '23
Applied Economics and Management
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Allison Lee in Sydney

Take the leap of faith. It is so easy to push it off and say that you can do it later, but there is truly no other experience like this—one that is so unique, rewarding, and fun.

— Allison Lee '25
CALS Global Fellow
University of Sydney
Ally Mark in Denmark

While in Europe, I learned about and experienced firsthand the differences in the healthcare systems across nations. I’ve been actively applying my knowledge from abroad to my classes at Cornell. It’s so amazing to approach my learning from multiple perspectives.

— Ally Mark '24
Human Development
Julie Ficarra

[We can decolonize international education] by building partnerships that decenter 'Western' epistemologies, toward the co-creation of knowledge and solutions to our most pressing problems.

— Julie Ficarra
Associate Professor of the Practice, CALS
ICC Grant Winner
Benjamin Caplan with interns from USFQ (Alyssa Koczan, and Nicole Collins) at Laguna Quilotoa in Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador

I am so fortunate to be able to work in a research setting with such a welcoming group of scientists dedicated to ecological conservation, and I feel immensely grateful to have had this opportunity.

— Benjamin Caplan ’23


Apply for funds to explore potential research collaborations with Hubs partners.

Join us for the Global Hubs network meeting in London on October 31 and November 1.

Vice Provost Wendy Wolford explains what sets the Cornell Global Hubs apart. 

Cornell delegation enhances global ties with Global Hubs partner the University of Ghana, tackling education, public health, and climate change, fostering collaboration and cultural exchange.


A delegation from Cornell University visited the University of Ghana Business School to discuss a potential project to be funded by the Master Card Foundation and its mutual benefits for both.


On October 9-10, academics from Queen Mary University of London and Cornell University met on the Queen Mary, Malta campus on the island of Gozo for a workshop on transnational migration.


A Cornell-led project team—with Global Hubs partners in India, the UK, Ghana, and Singapore—has received a two-year $250,000 design grant from the National Science Foundation to bring more comfortable days and nights to homes everywhere.


This summer, Cornell welcomed six PhD students from Imperial College London to the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses as part of Imperial's Global Fellows Fund.


Each Global Hub is unique, but all are grounded in partnerships with strong local universities and based on the principle of mutual benefit and exchange. Cornell is working with Hub partners to develop hands-on projects that promote study and expand the range of academic experiences at home and abroad.


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