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For Students

Cornell Global Hubs are your point of entry to a world of high-impact opportunities. Global Hubs let you experience the world and learn from it—while you make international connections and advance your academic and career goals.

World-Class Experiences

If you're an undergraduate, you'll find life-changing experiences at Hubs locations around the world, with classes that return to your Cornell degree, curricular pathways through majors, and hands-on field experiences. You’ll be embedded in life at a world-class university, where you’ll study with local students and international students like you.

Hubs offer a multitude of courses for every major taught in English, as well as language coursework. Internships and service-learning opportunities are available at several sites.

Graduate students will find career-enriching opportunities, including joining faculty research at Hubs locations, spending time at partner campuses, and making connections with fellow graduate students. There are also recruitment opportunities for new PhDs looking for employment at partner institutions. Start your Hubs engagement by exploring locations and reaching out to the faculty lead in your region of interest.

Connected to Cornell

A dynamic network of regional alumni will help you connect and support your time abroad. You may find exciting opportunities to join faculty research as Cornell researchers build and expand collaborations at Hub locations.

Hubs immerse you in a global extension of your Cornell community. Each Hub partners Cornellians with one or more universities, regional organizations, and local people. It’s the kind of sustained engagement that creates real relationships and real change.

Stay Connected

Hubs are reciprocal! When you’re back in Ithaca, continue your experience by connecting with international students from your Hub location studying on exchange at Cornell. 

Undergrads: Set out on your Hubs experience with study abroad for a semester, summer, or short-term trek.

Explore Hubs Opportunities

Recent Stories

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New seed grants from Global Cornell are deepening relationships between Cornell and its Global Hubs partners across the world.


Hosted by Global Cornell, the Global Grand Challenges Symposium brought together more than 300 faculty, staff and students from Cornell and the new Cornell Global Hubs to discuss ideas for the next universitywide Global Grand Challenge.


Queen Mary University of London is a Cornell Global Hubs partner institution, enabling students, staff and alumni to study, research, and teach at both institutions. Global Hubs connect the whole of Cornell with strong international peer institutions and their communities, countries, and regions.


From Ken Roberts' recent research in Ecuador and evidence ripped from headlines worldwide, when political parties stoke partisan conflicts–often by contesting formal state institutions, like systems for managing elections–actual democratic capacity may take a hit as public opinion polarizes.


Raj Kumar, vice chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University visited the Cornell campus in August. Jindal is a Global Hubs partner in India.


Global Cornell has awarded five International Cornell Curriculum (ICC) grants totaling $114,000 to support faculty developing courses that feature international experiences for students.


Cornell Global Hubs are expanding opportunities, providing infrastructure, and greasing the wheels for faculty, alumni, and students across the university to engage with 20 partner universities in 11 locations.


"Intellectual giant" Muna Ndulo led and strengthened faculty research partnerships, cooperative events, and internships for Cornell students across twenty years.


Ashoka welcomed visitors from around the world, including Associate Professor Sarah Besky, faculty lead for the India Hub.


There’s a place in the world for every Cornell student. Undergraduate students across all colleges and majors will find study abroad programs worldwide to advance their academic and career goals, including opportunities at the new Cornell Global Hubs.