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For Alumni

No matter your distance from Ithaca, a Cornell Global Hub in your corner of the globe means exciting opportunities to connect with Cornell faculty and students, expand your network, and share the Big Red spirit of your region.

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World-Class Network

Global Hubs bring Cornell to your doorstep—and your local knowledge and connections are vital to your Hub’s success.

At your Hub, you'll discover opportunities to build deeper relationships with the Cornell community and successful local alumni through networking events, faculty talks, and more. Networking gives you a more direct way to meet students and attract Cornell talent for job openings. Consider connecting with Cornell and Hubs partners to offer internships, community-engaged learning, or service opportunities.

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Connected by Cornell

Cornell’s international alumni stay connected through more than 50 Cornell Clubs beyond North America. If you’re based near a Global Hub, your in-person opportunities multiply. Attend events with faculty, students, and fellow alumni. Explore shared interests with visiting faculty. Mentor a student.

Cornellians in your region for a short stay or semester look forward to meeting you.

Get involved at your Hub! Explore locations—then reach out to learn more about activities near you. We welcome your input on how alumni can create engagement opportunities for Cornell faculty and students.

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Recent Stories

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Beyond Borders celebrates Cornell’s history of international engagement and campus diversity—from the university’s founding to today.

Funding from a 2022 Global Cornell International Cornell Curriculum (ICC) Development Grant provided Cornell and USFQ faculty the opportunity to pilot a bilateral exchange course.


Four undergraduate student panelists spoke about their perspectives on gender, sexuality, race, and identities that impacted them while abroad at a global freedom of expression event.

Cornell delegation enhances global ties with Global Hubs partner the University of Ghana, tackling education, public health, and climate change, fostering collaboration and cultural exchange.


Our partnership with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) in Ecuador is opening new doors for Cornell students studying public health. In 2023, for the first time, MPH students traveled to Ecuador to work with USFQ’s public health faculty and students on a variety of projects, ranging from interventions to address acute childhood malnutrition in southern Ecuador, to analysis of water contamination in households, agricultural fields, rivers, and lakes.


Five research projects that bring together academics from Queen Mary University of London and Cornell University will receive seed funding. 


A delegation from Cornell University visited the University of Ghana Business School to discuss a potential project to be funded by the Master Card Foundation and its mutual benefits for both.


On October 9-10, academics from Queen Mary University of London and Cornell University met on the Queen Mary, Malta campus on the island of Gozo for a workshop on transnational migration.


A Cornell-led project team—with Global Hubs partners in India, the UK, Ghana, and Singapore—has received a two-year $250,000 design grant from the National Science Foundation to bring more comfortable days and nights to homes everywhere.


With the support of Cornell Global Hubs joint seed grants, researchers are building international connections and advancing their research.