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Exterior of Chula's red-roofed auditorium surrounded by trees.

Partner University 

Chulalongkorn University

Founded in 1917, Chulalongkorn University (Chula) was Thailand's first institution of higher learning. Chula is a national public research university located in downtown Bangkok with a mission to support research, teach professional skills, and promote the arts, culture, and values, including social responsibility and public service. Opening with four faculties—arts and sciences, public administration, engineering, and medicine—today Chula has 20 faculties and 23 colleges and research institutes.

International students at Chula

Enrollment: 37,620 

  • Undergraduate students: 26,200
  • Graduate students: 10,650
  • Certificate program students: 770

About Chula

White concrete building with curved roofline and metal structure running along roof.

Partner University 

Thammasat University

Founded in 1934 as the University of Moral and Political Sciences, this public research institution is the country's second-oldest university. Thammasat’s main campus in Tha Phrachan—home of graduate and international programs—is located in the historical section of Bangkok. In Pathum Thani province in northern Bangkok, a second campus at Rangsit is the center of undergraduate learning and the largest campus in the region. There are also campuses in Pattaya and Lampang. Thammasat has 19 faculties, including commerce and accountancy, political sciences, economics, social administration, liberal arts, journalism and communication, sociology and anthropology, science and technology, engineering, medicine, and architecture and planning.

International students at Thammasat University

Enrollment: 38,650 

  • 80% of students are undergraduate

About Thammasat

About the Location

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is divided into four geographical regions with distinct ecosystems: mountains and forests in the north, vast rice fields in the central plains, semiarid farmlands in the northeastern plateau, and the tropical islands and long coastlines of the southern peninsula. About 10 million people live in the capital city of Bangkok, or Krung Thep. Bangkok's location at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River has made the area a trade hub since the 15th century. The center of Thailand’s political, commercial, and industrial activities, Bangkok is a top destination for tourists visiting the royal palaces, temples, and other cultural sites.

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