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Risk Management for International Travel (Cornell Policy 8.5)

Defining types of travel

  1. Cornell directed or supervised travel: Mission-related travel that is sponsored or supervised by Cornell and for which Cornell exercises oversight. E.g., IARD and Global Health, Cornell study abroad programs, athletics/music-related travel, faculty or staff traveling internationally on university business.
  2. Cornell facilitated or supported travel: Student travel over which Cornell University exercises no oversight but that may be funded by Cornell. E.g., international study through another university or organization, approved exchange programs, co-ops or internships through CU departments, or Cornell-funded travel such as Cornell Commitment, OCOF and other travel grants.
  3. Non-Cornell travel: not related to Cornell business or programs. E.g., independent student organization travel, personal travel.


Cornell Policy 8.5 also clarifies responsibilities of the various offices and roles regarding international travel.

Travel Expenses (Cornell Policy 3.2)

Review the policy to understand traveler responsibilities, business purpose, allowable expenses, reimbursements and more.