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Travel Registry and ITART Petition

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Visit Pandemic Travel Policy, Guidelines, and Recommendations for current Cornell travel information. Visit Cornell's COVID-19 Response for campus-wide information.

Registering Your Travel and Filing an ITART Petition

Cornell provides a secure travel registry and petition system for faculty, staff, and students to record travel plans and contact information. Should there be an emergency—natural disaster, terror attack, or even an emergency at home—this helps International Travel Health and Safety locate and contact you in order to provide the resources you may need. The ITART petition for travel to elevated-risk destinations is incorporated into the registry form and consists of additional questions that appear when a petition is required. 

Registration is:

  • Mandatory for all students, staff, and faculty traveling internationally on Cornell-related business (per Policy 8.5)
  • Not for personal travel (vacation)
  • Not for domestic travel

Access the Cornell International Travel Registry and ITART Petition