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Travel Registry and ITART

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Registering your travel

Registration is:

  • Mandatory for all students and staff traveling internationally on Cornell-related business.
  • Mandatory for all faculty traveling internationally with students.
  • Strongly encouraged for faculty traveling on Cornell-related business.
  • Not for personal travel (vacation).
  • Not for domestic travel.

Register your travel here

Travel to elevated-risk destinations

  • Student travel to elevated-risk destinations is prohibited without approval and will result in withdrawal or repayment of any university funds provided.
  • Pre-travel approval should be sought 6-8 weeks prior to travel.
  • ITART will review petitions to examine the traveler’s experience in the destination, their understanding of the specific risks associated with their plans, the steps being taken to mitigate those risks, and the traveler’s support network at their destination.
  • Travelers may be called for an in-person meeting to discuss their plans prior to approval.

The petition to travel to elevated-risk counties is now incorporated into the standard Travel Registry

For information, refer to Cornell Policy 8.5—Risk Management for International Travel

Enroll in STEP

U.S. citizens and nationals: Enroll your travel with STEP, the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. You will receive important information from the embassy about safety conditions in your destination countries and help them contact you in case of an emergency. Non-U.S. citizens may be able to register with their country's embassy.