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Navigate is a web resource for Cornell faculty and staff, designed to save time and reduce stress in handling the operational complexities of off-campus work.

Homepage of the Navigate site.

The Navigate website is built as a knowledge base, a centralized repository of useful information for planning and preparing off-campus activities integrated into one streamlined, easy-access resource.

You’ll find easy-to-use features:

  • Clear organization of content for domestic and international needs

  • Keyword search
  • Once signed in with your Cornell NetID and password, you can
    • “Follow This Topic” and receive updates via email when topics of interest get updated.
    • “Ask Our Team a Question” for direct replies from a support team member.
    • Access your dashboard to track your requests, replies, and engagement.

Please note that the Navigate content is in the process of being transitioned over to the Global Operations site and some pages on Navigate will link you back to this site.