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Provost's International Research Internship Program

A Colombian student in the NexoGlobal research program
Daniela Ospina, a participant in the summer NexoGlobal program for Colombian undergraduates who excel in STEM fields, conducting research on disease and pathogens in wine grapes during fermentation.

The Provost’s International Research Internship Program offers qualified international students—undergraduate or graduate—the opportunity to conduct research on campus under the direction of a member of the Cornell faculty.

The program requires prior approval from the faculty member in question; the department chair; and the dean of the relevant college. The decision about student participation in PIRIP rests with the deans.

More Information

Students who are accepted to this program must be registered by the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. An administrative fee will be assessed.

For a detailed explanation of the program, please review the PIRIP Procedures (attached below).

To request approval for an international intern, please complete and return the PIRIP Approval Form (attached below).

More broadly, Cornell offers several options to individuals who wish to learn or conduct research at Cornell for a limited period of time (typically three to 12 months, but as many as 24 months for non-degree graduate students accepted through the Graduate School and affiliated with a graduate field) without intending to obtain a Cornell degree. The Guidelines for Cornell Faculty and Staff Engaging with Interns and Visiting Students (attached below) provides guidelines and general information so that faculty and staff members can provide accurate advice on the options available, ensure consistency in appointments, and limit risk exposure for the university.