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New Ways to Sing the Alma Mater

Listen to students perform amazing renditions of the alma mater in Armenian, Chinese and Hindi.

Anna Srapionyan singing
Anna Srapionyan singing the Cornell alma mater in Armenian; courtesy Armenian Student Organization

The Competition

Part of the Global Grand Challenges Symposium, sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, was the "Lingua Mater" competition.

Students were invited to translate Cornell's alma mater into their native language or a language they are learning at Cornell—and submit the lyrics and a video of them singing it.

The Winning Entries

First Prize, for the alma mater in Armenian: Anna Srapionyan, Mane Mehrabyan, Armenian Student Organization

Second Prize, for the alma mater in Chinese: Rachel Zhang, Congyue Wu, Yingge Shen, Weiyou Dai, Nicky Yang

Third Prize, for the alma mater in Hindi: Cornell Tarana—Vishal Sundaram, Apurva Koti, Tanmay Bansal, Sachin Pathangey, Karthik Krishna Jayaram, Adith Ramachandran, Amol Paranjape, Sameer Nanda, Palini Ramnarayan, Mariam Khan, Priya Blair, Devika Rao, Radhika Santhanagopalan, Shalini Gundamraj, Malvika Narayan, Shreya Vaidya