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Internationalization Council

The council is charged with identifying strategic initiatives and setting priorities to advance the Global Cornell initiative.

Cornell's Internationalization Council, chaired by Vice Provost for International Affairs Laura Spitz, includes senior leaders from each college on the Ithaca campus as well as Weill Cornell Medicine. The council is charged with identifying strategic initiatives and setting priorities to advance the Global Cornell initiative. Council members play leadership roles within their colleges—for example by formulating college-specific ways to internationalize the curriculum, by incorporating internationalization

Current Members of the Internationalization Council

  • Wendy Wolford, vice provost for international affairs, and  the Robert A. and Ruth E. Polson Professor of Global Development in the Department of Development Sociology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; chair
  • David R. Lee, Provost’s Fellow for Internationalization, Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, and international professor, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management; ex officio
  • Jan Allen, associate dean for academic and student affairs, Graduate School
  • Elizabeth Brundige, associate clinical professor of law, assistant dean for international programs, and Jack G. Clarke Executive Director of International and Comparative Legal Studies, Cornell Law School
  • Rachel Dunifon, associate dean for research and outreach, and professor of policy analysis and management, Human Ecology
  • Linnie M. Golightly, MD, associate professor of medicine (microbiology and immunology), and associate dean of diversity, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • John Hopcroft, IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science, Computing and Information Science
  • Lisa Nishii, chair of international programs, and associate professor of human resource studies, Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Ted O’Donoghue, senior associate dean, Arts and Sciences
  • Barry Perlus, associate dean, and associate professor of art, Architecture, Art, and Planning
  • Max Pfeffer, senior associate dean, and international professor of development sociology, Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Michael Thompson, associate professor, materials science and engineering, Engineering
  • Alexander Travis, associate dean, and associate professor of reproductive biology, Veterinary Medicine
  • Rohit Verma, dean for external relations executive director of the Institute for Healthy Futures, and Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor in Asian Hospitality Management, Business