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ICC Project Approaches

Students at Global Health Experiential Symposium
Students at the Global Health Experiential Learning Symposium

There are several approaches that faculty who are proposing projects for the 2018 Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants might consider.

Examples of how you might choose to focus your project include:

Course Design

  • Developing new internationally oriented courses or infusing international content into existing courses
  • Developing interdisciplinary courses that address complex global topics
  • Incorporating short-term international experiences into existing courses
  • Developing courses with international online learning components
  • Establishing sustainable global internship programs
  • Integrating study abroad or field research activities into the curriculum
  • Launching new cultural/regional immersion courses
  • Introducing language and/or cross-cultural competence into course content


  • Developing innovative pedagogical approaches that integrate international students’ perspectives
  • Integrating students’ international experiences and critical reflection into the curriculum
  • Developing courses that engage students through interdisciplinary and high-impact experiential learning

Curriculum Design

  • Developing/strengthening partnerships that enhance the curriculum and promote global collaborations
  • Creating/establishing international tracks (“pathways”) in the curriculum of a major or a minor to engage students with global aspects of the discipline
  • Integrating semester-long study abroad or exchanges into the curriculum of a major or a minor, including identifying programs that complement the departmental curriculum