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Call for Submissions: Joint Education Seed Grants 2023

Global Cornell is offering competitive faculty grants to explore innovations in education in collaboration with Imperial College London, a Global Hubs partner.

Applications are now open. Apply by May 30, 2023.

Closeup of modern buildings with a Imperial College London as building signage.

As part of the partnership, Imperial and Cornell have launched a second round of education seed grants to encourage projects combining expertise across the two universities to develop new teaching, learning, and student experience opportunities jointly. The fund supports both online and in-person activities, but all projects are encouraged to incorporate digital innovations appropriate to achieving their project goals.

Imperial College London–Cornell University Education Fund

Up to five (5) teaching proposals will be funded. Each successful proposal may receive up to $4,500 from each university for a total of $9,000.

Projects should benefit students and faculty at both institutions. Applicants must clearly state the impact the award will bring to the student experience and, where possible, involve faculty-student partnerships in the design and delivery.

Types of Projects

Projects can be either curriculum based or extracurricular. Interdisciplinary projects supporting development in the following areas are encouraged: 

  • Research-led education: Projects informed by the most recent research on the relevant topic that includes student participation in research projects.
  • New applications for digital technologies: Projects that pursue innovative, inclusive, and impactful online experiential learning opportunities.
  • Multidisciplinary, global challenge topics: Projects linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
  • Student entrepreneurship: Projects that provide students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through joint projects or experiential learning opportunities (e.g., joint hackathons).
  • Digital lifelong learning: Projects that involve designing flexible, digital curricula accessible by learners, students, or alumni at different stages of life. These can include modules on eCornell and non-degree courses using platforms such as Blackboard or insendi.
  • Learning analytics: Projects that foster knowledge exchange on approaches to building learning analytics platforms, structures, and designing metrics to support and enhance the student experience.
  • Exchange of academic and professional knowledge: Study visits or workshops by faculty to clearly and demonstrably aid the exchange of academic expertise, including sharing good practices to underpin the preparation of a long-term collaborative partnership (e.g., preparation of a PhD summer school, joint module delivery).

Download the complete RFP


  • Grants are open to all PI-eligible faculty at Cornell from any academic discipline.
  • Each grant requires at least one PI from Cornell and one from the Global Hub partner. Additional collaborators are welcome but not required.
  • One proposal per principal applicant per call is permitted.
  • Global Cornell and Global Hubs partners will jointly determine project awards.

Application Process

Please complete the joint application form with your Imperial partner. Completed forms must be submitted to both and

Download the Application