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Webinars and Training

Global Operations holds monthly virtual brown bag lunch meetings on topics related to engaging internationally. 

March 2021

International Contracts and Collaborations

On March 15, 2021, Global Operations hosted Jennifer Casler-Goncalves, Associate General Counsel and Christine Potter, Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director Global Operations. They discussed the various forms of an international collaboration, when a collaboration should be formalized in writing, how to start a contract negotiation, policies that must be followed when contracting on behalf of Cornell, and a high-level introduction to contracting law. The following contract types were discussed: 1) International institutional collaborations (memorialized by Memoranda of Agreement, Project Agreements, Letters of Intent, Letter Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, or any similar agreement regardless of title) and 2) International revenue-generating activities (memorialized by Master Services Agreements, Statements of Work, Educational Services Agreements, or any similar agreement regardless of title).

February 2021

The Cornell China Center and Resources for Working in China

On February 16, 2021, Global Operations featured Ying Hua | Director, Cornell China Center and Assoc. Prof. of Design and Environmental Analysis, CHE; Nina Chaopricha | Ithaca Campus Coordinator, Cornell China Center; Teng (Peter) Wen | Manager, Cornell in China; and Christine Potter | Assoc. Vice Provost and Exec. Director of Global Operations. In addition to seeing the Cornell China Center in Beijing, you’ll have the chance to learn about services available for Cornell community members engaging in and with China, as well as resources for those collaborating internationally more generally. 

January 2021

Hiring, Staffing and Working Abroad

On January 11, 2021, Global Operations hosted Kristi Shults, International HR Director. Kristi is an international HR and Global Mobility expert with 15 years of corporate and higher education sector expertise. She shared her knowledge on crucial areas to consider should units need to engage personnel abroad, lessons learned from past experiences, and university resources and solutions available for hiring. This session is ideal for those working internationally or supporting international projects, including those hiring independent contractors or needing to engage individuals abroad on a long-term basis.

December 2020

Export Controls at Cornell

On December 14, 2020, Global Operations hosted Sarah Schlagter, Sr. Grants & Contracts and Export Controls Officer. Sarah discussed export compliance requirements and how they impact contracts, engagements with sanctioned countries and restricted parties, international travel and shipments, and more. 

November 2020

Risk Management and Insurance at Cornell: An International Perspective

On November 16, 2020, Global Operations hosted Nakeschi Watkins, Interim Director of Risk Management and Insurance, where she discussed her office’s responsibilities, areas she evaluates when units engage vendors outside of the U.S., how insurance waivers are reviewed and what alternatives are available if your proposed collaborator doesn’t have required levels of insurance, and more. This session is ideal for those working internationally, including those engaging subcontractors, vendors or independent contractors.

Note: Presented content is subject to change and may no longer be current.