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Virtual offerings to connect the Cornell community to the world while travel is limited.

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Dragonfly on a yellow flower Migrations: Understanding the Importance of a World on the Move
The migration of everything from people, animals, and plants to pathogens and scientific ideas is increasing at an unprecedented rate. This movement offers both opportunities and obstacles across the planet. Ultimately, migration shapes all of our lives. It is a challenge we need to meet. Cornell's Migrations initiative is distinguished by our explicit recognition that collectively, we will achieve something distinct from what the humanities, social sciences, or natural and life sciences can... READ MORE

IAD Webinar on Africa: COVID-19, Health and Socio-Economic Impact
COVID-19 has brought untold havoc to every continent. Bread-basket regions are under quarantine, supply chains have slowed or vanished altogether, and the health infrastructures in many countries have buckled under the strain. This webinar focuses on the pandemic’s impact on the African continent. Given relative strengths and weaknesses, African countries have responded in myriad ways. Panelists are experts actively engaged in working on the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa or... READ MORE

Explosion with the words Beirut Under Fire: Political and Personal Perspectives on the bottom and Global Cornell on top Beirut Under Fire: Political and Personal Perspectives
Six days after the incident, the government resigned and protests continue. In this webinar, Cornell faculty and students talk about the political, economic, cultural, and personal dimensions of the events in Lebanon—and the implications for the future of the state and civil society. Moderator: Ross Brann, Milton R. Konvitz Professor of Judeo-Islamic Studies and Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow Panelists: Rima Majed,... READ MORE

American flag Democracy 20/20 Series
Democracy 20/20 brings together historical and comparative experts to promote deeper understanding of the challenges these unsettling times pose for American democracy. Beginning in June 2020, the series continues through the 2020 election. The stakes for American democracy have never been higher. Read more about Democracy 20/20. Videos include: Already Authoritarian? Violence, Policing, and Democracy (August 27) Global Approaches to Race, Ethnicity,... READ MORE

Colorful passport stamps International Studies Passport Series
The Einaudi Center's International Studies Passport summer webinar series brings global education and a global perspective to a summer with limited travel and in-person collaboration. Running from May to August 2020, topics include: Immigrants, Health, and the Coronavirus Crisis (August 13) Global Approaches to Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality (July 24) Pandemic: What International Studies Tell Us (June 25) Faculty Conversation: Research in the Time of... READ MORE

How to Do International Research in the Time of Coronavirus
Einaudi International Studies Passport Webinar (May 28, 2020) For graduate students engaged in international research Einaudi Center faculty in a range of disciplines talk with Jan Allen, associate dean for academic and student affairs in the Graduate School. The panelists discuss how to think about and plan your dissertation research, diverse methodologies and innovative approaches, and strategies for making progress in your international research in a time of travel... READ MORE