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Cornell China Faculty Steering Committee

Cornell's Ithaca campus
Cornell's Ithaca campus at sunset

Cornell China Faculty Steering Committee members are seeking to expand existing collaborations and initiate new cross-college projects.

Convened in spring 2016 by Vice Provost for International Affairs Laura Spitz, the Cornell China Faculty Steering Committee includes active China scholars from every college at Cornell University.

The group serves as academic advisory board for the Cornell China Center Initiative, working with university leadership, interdisciplinary units, and the colleges to guide academic development and ongoing activities in China. Specifically, the committee is charged with multidisciplinary strategic planning, assessing space usage, and representing the respective colleges’ needs in relation to the initiative.

Members of the committee:

  • Peng (Peter) Liu, Hotel Administration/real estate; co-chair
  • Robin McNeal, Arts and Sciences/Asian studies, and director/Einaudi Center’s East Asia Program; co-chair
  • Lorenzo Alvisi, Computing and Information Science
  • Panle Barwick, Arts and Sciences/economics
  • Allen Carlson, Arts and Sciences/government, and director, Cornell Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Yaru Chen, Johnson/management and organizations
  • Eli Friedman, Industrial and Labor Relations/international and comparative labor
  • Oliver Gao, Engineering/civil and environmental engineering
  • Ying Hua, Human Ecology/design and environmental analysis
  • Richard Lee, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine/urology, and healthcare policy and research
  • Shanjun Li, Agriculture and Life Sciences/ Dyson School/applied economics
  • Philip S. Li, MD, Weill Cornell Medicine/ urology, and reproductive medicine
  • Rui Hai Liu, Agriculture and Life Sciences/food science
  • Andrew Mertha, Arts and Sciences/government
  • Daryl Nydam, Veterinary Medicine, and director, Quality Milk Production Services
  • Jocelyn (Joss) Rose, Agriculture and Life Sciences, horticulture
  • Laura Spitz, vice provost for international affairs, and Law School/international law, ex officio
  • Jeremy Wallace, Arts and Sciences/government
  • Ping Wang, Agriculture and Life Sciences, entomology
  • Qi Wang, Human Ecology/psychology
  • Mildred Warner, Architecture, Art, and Planning/city and regional planning)
  • Jessica Chen Weiss, Arts and Sciences, government
  • Xingzhong Yu, Law School/Chinese law