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Quarantine Buddy App

Sam Brickman and Jordyn Goldzweig
137 countries around the globe
Purple background on a computer screen that reads Meet your Quarantine Buddy

As this pandemic rages on, it’s easy for some to feel lonely or isolated. A couple of Cornell University students noticed that and decided to use their education to bring people together. They’re calling it “Quarantine Buddy.” And so far, over 40,000 people from 137 different countries are on board, or should we say online. Computer science major Sam Brickman along with Jordyn Goldzweig came up with a website in which total strangers, all feeling the anxiety and loneliness of the COVID-19 pandemic, can have a virtual hang out session. The website, created back in April uses an algorithm to match people up of similar interests, with each week offering a new buddy to talk with.