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Muffins for Hope

David Larson, staff
Ithaca, New York
Three blueberry muffins on parchment paper

"I am a chaplain to international students, most of whom have stayed in Ithaca. The graduate students are in their off-campus housing, but two are undergraduate students who got permission to stay in the dorms. My wife and I knew they must feel isolated and anxious, so my wife had the idea to make muffins and deliver to them along with an encouragement card. She made the muffins and my job was to deliver them. I texted five students and asked if I could drop them off and they all were happy to have me do so. Each one was very appreciative and I got this text from one of the undergrad international students staying on campus: 'Thank you so much, David, for the muffins and card. The muffins were delicious and the card is beautiful. I like the verse very much. God bless you and Beth.'"