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Erin go Braugh

Sarah Brice, student
Denmark to Connecticut
loaf of bread with cut slices

On the Friday before St. Patrick's Day rather than hopping on a plane to London, where I had been looking forward to celebrating the popularized Irish holiday, I boarded a plane back to New York City. Like many others, my study abroad experience had been cut short. As soon as I landed at JFK Airport, I made my way to the house where I would be quarantined for the next two weeks, as I had been studying in Denmark which had been declared a CDC high-risk zone. That next Tuesday, after a few days of isolation and a good amount of sadness over the situation, I heard a thump outside the front door. I had received a package delivered by overnight mail from my father: a freshly baked loaf of Irish soda bread. This simple gesture warmed my heart. Happy St. Paddy's Day :)