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Cross-campus Effort Rushes 3D-printed Gear to Weill Cornell

Cornell campus to Weill Medical
Closeup view of protective visor on a 3D printer

Last week, concerned about a lack of protective gear for medical workers, Amy Kuceyeski, associate professor of mathematics at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Radiology, thought about all the 3D printers on the Ithaca campus, sitting idle with students gone and nonessential research on pause. “On Twitter I’d heard about how people are 3D printing face masks, so I decided to blast email all of the engineering department chairs to see if anybody knew of anybody who had printers or availability to print,” said Kuceyeski, who also leads an intercampus Machine Learning in Medicine initiative and has a laboratory on the Ithaca campus. In a matter of hours, her request ricocheted across Cornell’s colleges and beyond. Deans helped faculty members and staff gain permission to access campus as essential personnel in order to activate 3D printers. Students and faculty who’d brought home 3D printers fired them up in their basements and kept them churning overnight. The community—including alumni, members of Ithaca Generator and other Ithaca residents—pitched in, too. Now the effort is producing an estimated 400 visors a day, and the Cornell Campus-to-Campus bus made a special trip to deliver the first shipment on March 27.

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