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CCB Alumni Donate Daily Group Coaching

Laurel Donnellan, Shamis Pitts, and Kelly Dwyer, alumni
From New York across the U.S.
screenshot of a moderated online discussion with two woman moderating and information about the Compassionate Leadership Circle in the center.

The principals at the Compassionate Leaders Circle, led by Laurel Donnellan (SHA '82), Shamis Pitts (JGSM '11), Kelly Dwyer (JGSM '11), thought that in this time of uncertainty it was important to offer support in the best way they know how to help. The company launched a free, daily group coaching program to the world called Pivot with Compassion. Shamis shared, “Compassion is at the core of our work, so we felt compelled to take immediate action and make our content available through April 30. Laurel created the foundational curriculum after 9/11 to help people navigate through that crisis. "Compassion is the antidote for fear and is fuel for change, so this seemed like the right thing to do.” The program launched on March 26 and is open to anyone who registers. #gobigred