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Cornell in China

The benefits of the long, close association between Cornell University and China flow in both directions and provide the foundation for expanding collaborations in today’s world.

Cornell is and always has been an international university. Our connections to China are long-standing and deep. The history of our partnerships began well over a century ago.

The 21st century brings increased opportunities for cross-disciplinary educational exchanges and research collaborations between Cornell University and institutions in China. In both teaching and research, we are reinvigorating existing programs and developing new innovations. Our educational programs are a core strength of our partnership. Our research programs are multidisciplinary and address contemporary challenges in areas such as agriculture and nutrition, biological engineering, emerging markets and economic development, energy and the environment.

The renewed emphasis on Cornell in China is creating important momentum and signaling to the campus and our global partners that the university is committed to expanding its international footprint in important and strategic ways.

As part of the Global Cornell commitment to building the university’s international presence, we have convened a faculty steering committee, inducted a Cornell China Advisory Board, arranged for office space in Beijing and Shanghai and begun to build infrastructure. Strategic planning is ongoing to define the evolving scope of our activities.

We are engaging the entire Cornell community—faculty, students, alumni and staff, across the wide range of academic and non-academic units—in envisioning, planning and implementing our growing partnerships in China, and in developing resources on our main campus in Ithaca that support these collaborations.