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2018 Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants

Molecular Diagnostics class visits NYS Agricultural Station in Geneva
Students in Cornell's fall semester class Molecular Diagnostics: From Lab to Viñedo—developed with the support of a 2016 ICC grant—visit the NYS Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva to get hands-on experience with grapes, in preparation for their winter-break field session in Chile where they will help diagnose grapevine disease.

Request for Proposals

The Request for Proposals for the 2018 Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants has been announced by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs.

This webpage provides the complete RFP information.

A downloadable and printable RFP document is also attached here: 

The 2018 grants mark the fourth year of the Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum (ICC) grant program, which is designed to enhance the internationalization of the undergraduate student experience.

A total of $200,000 will be available to be allocated in this fourth round of grants.

The emphasis of ICC grants is the development of rigorous, innovative approaches in teaching, learning, and research that strengthen the integration of international content and cross-cultural competence within the curriculum to benefit undergraduate students. To date, 48 ICC awards have been made to support faculty course projects funded under the ICC grant program: 2017 grant awards2016 grant awards, and 2015 grant awards.

ICC grants are administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs, with support from the Internationalization Council.

Internationalizing the curriculum can take many dimensions.

The general objectives of the ICC grants are to enhance cross-cultural competence among undergraduate students and to increase the numbers of Cornell students with first-hand international experiences and exposure to global issues and diverse international perspectives. This can be accomplished through various approaches. Previous years' grant awards demonstrate the diversity of successful proposals. Note that fundable projects include those with an on-campus, or global-at-home, focus, as well as those that involve experiences abroad. (For more information, see Examples of ICC Project Approaches and Frequently Asked Questions.)

In addition to addressing the general objectives, regardless of specific focus, all project proposals must be connected to new or existing for-credit, tuition-bearing courses, and should:

  • identify specific learning outcomes and how these outcomes will be subsequently assessed
  • demonstrate high impact among students
  • demonstrate sustainability in the curriculum

How To Apply

Eligibility: Applicants must be current permanent Cornell faculty or academic staff. Proposals must have the approval and expressed support of the faculty member’s department chair and associated dean's office.

To submit a proposal in response to the RFP, applicants will need to complete the online Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grant Proposal AY2018. (Once you log in with your Cornell netID, click on "Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grant Proposal AY2018" in the "Faculty Grants" section on the right side of the webpage.)

Proposals must be concise, following the word limits described in the application form and including a discussion of the required points. (IMPORTANT: proposals over the length limit will not be considered).

Applicants are required to address these points in the grant proposal:

  • Learning outcomes for the project (what participants will leave knowing or being able to do): explain specifically how the project complements learning outcomes specific to its associated major, discipline or program. This should include how this project will promote meaningful multicultural or international-oriented perspectives in the curriculum for participating students. Describe the duration, nature of engagement, and reflection components of the project, as appropriate.
  • Student impact: estimate how many students will be involved in the proposed project and course, and the nature and intensity of student involvement expected.
  • A brief description of the instructor’s previous experience in developing and/or teaching material that is international in nature, and/or experience leading international course trips, and/or the rationale for developing a new international focus in the instructor’s program.
  • Proposed assessments: explain how you will assess or measure the impact of the project, including what participants have learned vis-à-vis the above learning outcomes.
  • Sustainability plan: indicate specifically how you expect the project will be integrated into the Cornell curriculum and how it will be sustained after the grant term ends.
  • Endorsements: signatures and approvals from all participating faculty members’ department chairs, including an indication of how the proposed activities will be sustained beyond the project period.
  • Project budget: in addition to the five-page limit, please complete the attached 1-page budget form, listing the individual expenses and including the total amount requested, and submit a 1-page budget justification, briefly explaining each proposed expense item.

Applicants must also fill in the following forms and upload them as part of the online Grant Proposal.

Workshop Series

For successful ICC grant awardees, participation in a post-award workshop provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs and the Center for Teaching Innovation is required. Additional support will be provided through a series of workshops in collaboration with the CTI and Cornell Abroad. These will include assistance in effective facilitation of cross-cultural learning, guidance on project assessments, finance, and for projects involving international travel, logistics and travel safety. Information and examples of model programs from relevant fields is available. See the ICC Grants FAQs webpage for details.